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Fundraising, regardless of your organizational position, is one of the most demanding yet rewarding roles you can earn in the non-profit sector. Learning how to affect change as a fundraiser requires a passion for your cause, a unique skillset (and mindset), and a hunger to learn.

That is where a fundraising coach can provide significant benefit. An effective coach is able to draw from a wealth of knowledge and experiences, including successes AND failures, to guide others through their professional evolution. Participants benefit from an organizationally relevant, contextualized learning opportunity that captures individual goals, needs, and unique leadership capabilities.


Full Circle Impact provides fundraising coaching for non-profit leaders. Through a personalized approach, executive directors, lead fundraisers, and teams are able to quickly internalize best practices in fundraising as they integrate critical lessons to immediately advance their work.


Fundraiser Coaching: Designed to advance development and leadership learning, these one-on-one contextualized sessions strengthen overall fundraising performance while fostering confident leadership in professionals at all career stages.

One-on-one fundraiser coaching is perfect for busy Executive Directors and development professionals who wish to accelerate their learning and impact while leaning into their authenticity as leaders.

Fundraising Accelerator: A small (6-8) group coaching series targeting key fundraising topics, these workshops are ideal for professionals (within or across organizations) who are seeking ways to deepen their knowledge, troubleshoot challenges, and integrate the most relevant best practices in the philanthropic sector.

The Accelerator is designed for individuals in similar roles across multiple organizations and teams who are seeking ways to hone their craft and address puzzles of practice.

Onboarding and Development: In partnership with hiring managers, Full Circle Impact supports the training and onboarding experience for those who are new to their fundraising roles and helps to identify the conditions required for fundraisers to flourish (and stay).

This service is for organizations searching for ways to minimize the organizational costs of a perpetual cycle of fundraiser burnout and turnover.

In-House Coaching and Ad Hoc Consultation are offered, based on availability.

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Thank you for all your support and coaching/pushes! I am really walking away thinking about how to inspire as I share our priorities and strategies with various stakeholders."
From an Executive Director new to fundraising
THANK YOU! Our fundraising turnaround of the past couple of years would NOT have happened without you!"
From a lead fundraiser seeking to evolve his craft
Eileen brought a combination of imagination and practicality that could help us begin where we were."
From a university leader in need of new funding initiatives